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We specialize in water features, but over the years we have provided more and more landscaping.  Especially surrounding the water feature that we have installed.  Very rarely to we provide just landscaping unless it involves large boulders and drought tolerant hardscapes.

Types of landscaping that we provide:

  • Overall Design and Conceptual Sketches
  • Xeriscaping
  • Alpine Niche with large boulders
  • Retaining Walls
  • Dry riverbeds and mounded rockscapes
  • Trees and plants
  • Ground cover

Landscaping Projects

Curb Side Xeriscaping

The Curb Side Xeriscaping

This project involved removing over 12,000 sq ft of sod and replacing it with xeriscaping.   The Xeriscaping included over 25 ton of moss boulders, 26 ton of 3/4" fractured granite chips, 15 ton of 4-8" cobble stone, and over 100 drought tolerant plants.

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