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Decorative Fountains

Decorative Fountains are an excellent way to add the waterscape lifestyle to your yard.  You get the relaxing sounds of running water at a much lower cost.

We offer all kinds of decorative fountains, including, but not limited to:

Spillway Bowls
Decorative Urns
Basalt Columns
Custom Potted Urns
Stacked Slate Urns Pondless Waterfall
Basalt Columns Pondless Waterfall
Fountain Potted Urns
$2,500-5,000 Installed

Spillway Bowls are one of our most popular decorative fountains that we install.  Blended with large granite boulders these fountains can make a very impactful effect on any landscape.

$2,500-5,000 Installed

Decorative Urns come in a few different styles to choose from. They are great for front door areas or any flat space that needs some vertical height!

$2,950-7,000 Installed

Basalt column fountains can be a very effective water feature when ever viewing from 360 degrees is necessary. Very durable and cored stone that creates a dramatic appearance. 

$3,500-8,000 Installed

Custom potted urns can provide just the right amount of unique, soothing sounds for any environment.  The potted urns can be hand selected and match all kinds of outdoor decor.

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Fountain Potted Urns
Curb Side Xeriscaping
Before and After Basalt Columns
Stacked Slate Urns Pondless Waterfall
Basalt Columns Pondless Waterfall
Before and After Pondless Waterfall