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Koi Ponds & Water Gardens

With new construction and filtration techniques, ponds are no longer a high maintenance hobby. We utilize a bottom grid filtration system that allows for decomposition of organic waste at the microscopic level.  This technique greatly enhances the water quality and clarity.  

Pond-less Waterfalls

Backyard Falls Pondless Waterfall

Pond-less and disappearing waterfalls are by far the most popular water feature that we install. They provide the natural and aesthetic value without the body of water.  If you are not into koi and other types of aquatic life, then a pond-less waterfall may just be what you are looking for.

Check out more information on the types of pond free waterfalls we install. 

Decorative Fountains

Decorative Fountains are an excellent way to add the waterscape lifestyle to your yard.  You get the relaxing sounds of running water at a much lower cost.

We offer all kinds of decorative fountains, including, but not limited to:


Xeriscaping is form of landscaping the replaces grassy lawns with soil, rocks, mulch, and drought-tolerant native plants.  Drought resistant plants need very little water to maintain.  We often utilize dry riverbeds consisting of cobble stone and other smaller landscaping rocks.

Rock Walls

Rock Wall - Sawyer Waterscaping

Boulder Rock Retaining Walls can be an excellent way to get away from traditional block retaining walls.  We use large fractured granite boulders to create natural rock walls. 

Flagstone Patios & Steppers

Flagstone Patio and Pondless Waterfall

Flagstone has become a really effective add-on for all types of water features by creating a space to relax.  We offer several types, but the two most common types we use are Arizona Buff and Colorado Red Flagstone.


Our FountainFalls are decorative pondless waterfalls.  They are more or less a bubbling waterfall cascading off of large granite boulders.

Swimming Pools

We are a Leisure Swimming Pool Dealer for the state of Wyoming.  They are one of the top fiberglass pool manufactures in the country.