March 30


Crock Residence (Pond-less)

By Gregg Sawyer

March 30, 2016

12Crock-PondlessConstructed in 2014, the Crock’s Pond-less Waterfall consists of a 12′ stream and waterfall.  The original design had the waterfall lower in the yard.  So when it was moved up on the higher side, we left the large flagstone steppers essentially in the same location.  By moving the waterfall up, it made it much more visible from the deck and living space.  Here are a list of the materials we used in the project.


  1.  26″ Profalls spillway
  2. 15′ x 25′ of EPDM liner & Underlayment
  3. 1800 Small Pond Vault
  4. PAF – 40 TidalWave Pond Pump
  5. 25′ of Flexible PVC Piping
  6. Auto-fill Adaptor
  7. 16 ton of Fractured Granite Boulders
  8. 4 ton of Colorado Red Flagstone (1.5″ thick)
  9. 6 ton of Colorado Red “Steppers” Flagstone (10-12″ thick)

1Crock-Pondless 2Crock-Pondless 3Crock-Pondless 4Crock-Pondless 5Crock-Pondless 6Crock-Pondless 7Crock-Pondless 8Crock-Pondless 9Crock-Pondless 10Crock-Pondless 11Crock-Pondless

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