November 4


Lakeside Retreat

By Gregg Sawyer

November 4, 2018

This project is a rebuild of an original water feature we had installed in 2005.  It is a 60' waterfall with over 30 ton of moss boulders.  We completely removed the existing water feature and backfilled the space.  We removed all of the flagstone steppers running along the side and re-configured them to match the flow of the waterfall.

With the original feature, the flagstone treads were an existing feature and we simply built waterfall along the existing steps.

Here is a list of the materials we used in this project.

Water Feature Materials

Pumps – (2) PAF 75 Atlantic Tidal Wave Pond Pumps & (1) TT9000 Atlantic Tidal Wave Pond Pump

Pond-less Vault – (2) PV2300 Atlantic Water Gardens

Spillways – (2) 26″ Profalls Spillway & (1) 19″ Profalls Spillway

Piping – 200′ of 2″ Flex PVC

Lighting – Aquascape LED Lights – (12) 1 watt LED Puck Lights, (12) 3 watt LED Spotlights

Liner – 25′ x 75′ of 45 mil EPDM Firestone Pond Liner

Underlayment – 15′ x 100′ of 21 mil Geotextile Underlayment

Ionizer РAltantic Water Gardens Triton Ionizer 

Landscaping Materials

Moss Boulders-

Buff Flagstone-

Cobble Stone-

Landscaping Rock-

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