How Big of a Pump do I need for my Waterfall?

The Guide to Determining the Correct Pump Size for your Water Feature!

Choosing the right pump size for the waterfall you want, could quite possibly be the toughest decision you make when building a pond yourself.

There are four basic principles you need to understand pump size:

  1. Waterfall Height
  2. Waterfall Width
  3. Length of Piping
  4. Pump Cost vs. Efficiency

1. Waterfall Height

When designing your waterfall, you should always consider keeping the height in proportion with the size of the pond and space. All too often DIY ponds have these insanely large and steep waterfalls. Assuming that you are dealing with flat ground, the waterfall mound should be a gradual, natural sloping mound.

  • The waterfall height is determined by measuring the height of the pond