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How to Build a Pond that You can be Proud of!

People Build Backyard Ponds For Many Reasons: Soothing Sounds & Serenity, Backyard Retreats, Self-Sustained Water Garden, and The Love of Aquatic Life to name a few.

If you are you thinking about installing your own pond, you came to the right place!

We know first hand how confusing it is to sort through all of the different types of pond equipment that you will need.  There is a lot of different companies that offer variations of packages, which is definitely a place to start. 

We here at Sawyer Waterscaping have been installing water features since 1999.  We actually started 10 years prior to that in our own backyard.  We built our first pond way back in 1987!  We have been through it all from prefab ponds to swimming pool liners to concrete ponds.

Over the years we have learned through trial and tribulation to find the best way to build a naturally balanced backyard pond ecosystem.

Our systems utilize a series of pond products from various companies including Atlantic Water Gardens, Aquascape Designs, and EasyPro Pond Products.

Our pieced together our favorite pond products from various manufacturers  to install the ponds we sell to customers today.  Before you can decide on what you will need you will need to spend some time on planning and design.

  1. Design & Location

First, decide on the size of pond you are wanting.  The average pond size for backyards is around an 11′ x 16′.  Finding the perfect location is one of the most important aspects of installing a pond in your backyard.  Look for relatively flat spots and a nice backdrop.  You also want to consider a location that is relatively close to your “hangout spot”, because if it isn’t, you will be moving your hangout spot next to the new pond.

Design Tips –


2. Planning

Material List

3. Layout & Excavation

4. Setting the Skimmer & Spillway

5. Installing the Liner and Underlayment

6. Building Walls & Setting Stones

7.  Plant Pockets & Backfill

8.  Waterfall Construction

9. Lighting






For example, we love the Atlantic “TT” series pumps because of their low amperage and high efficiency.  They can also be used as a submersible suction pump for a bottom grid filtration system.

We prefer the Aquascape spillways as they are sleek and functional.

As for mechanical skimmers, we prefer the EasyPro Skimmer with the built in UV light setup.

The goal behind our ponds are to make them a closed, balanced ecosystem of water. In nature, streams and rivers are constantly replenishing and circulating ponds and pools which flush out all of the bad bacteria and toxic water.  Since we don’t have the luxury of constantly adding fresh water, we need our closed ecosystem to become fully balanced.

Basic vs Deluxe

Three Sizes  – small, medium, large



Easypro Skimmer

Atlantic TT Pump & fittings

Aquascape Spillway

2” Flex PVC

45 mil EPDM Liner

21 mil GEO underlayment

Easypro Skimmer

Atlantic TT Pump & fittings

Aquascape Spillway

2” Flex PVC

45 mil EPDM Liner

21 mil GEO underlayment