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Fiberglass Swimming Pools

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There’s no better way to create and enjoy a fulfilling leisure lifestyle than to have your own swimming pool. It’s a healthy place for kids and their friends to play outdoors without leaving the relative safety of home.  A focus for family barbecues and gatherings.  A wonderful way to enjoy exercise and achieve a healthier life. 

As one of the world’s largest composite swimming pool manufacturers, LeisurePools® has developed a stylish and innovative range of swimming pools, in a variety of designs and sizes, with a multitude of features and benefits.  Coupled with great designs, we use state of the art production processes and superior raw materials, backed by in-house research and impressive stringent quality controls, to ensure that the quality of every  is the very best on the world market.

How to install a Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Layout and Excavation

Dig sheets are used to accurately measure the exact depths for each specific pool.

Setting & Backfill

Once the grade is finalized we set the pool and backfill with a crushed aggregate. 

Plumbing & Components

Once backfilled, plumbing lines are installed and inspected. The skimmer, pump, and filtration is set up at this time.

Concrete coping and Cover

Cover rails are placed underneath the concrete coping edge.  Stamped concrete surrounds the pool.

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