May 7


Custom Pond & Patio!

By Gregg Sawyer

May 7, 2020

Aquascape skimmer, Atlantic TT9000 gph pump, Flagstone Patio, moss boulders, Patio, Ponds, sawyer waterscaping, Water Feature

This custom pond project was completed in August of 2016.  We replaced a 12 year old pond that we had constructed in 2004.  The new owners, wanted to improve and enhance the pond from its out-dated state.

The project included a large flagstone viewing area and a large amount of moss boulder outcroppings.

Here is a list of the materials that we used:

Here is the old pond we installed in 2002. In much need of a repair and update!

Below is the wonderful thank you note we received from the homeowners. Creating a natural looking piece of art with raw boulders and material can be very rewarding, especially when the homeowners love it!

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