August 18


Awesome Koi Pond & Stream

By Gregg Sawyer

August 18, 2020

koi pond, pond, stream and waterfall, Water Feature, water garden

This project was installed north of Cheyenne, WY.   It consists of a 50 stream and a 20 x 30 koi pond.

Here is a list of the products used on this project:

 Backyard Pond & Waterfall Material List:
  1. (2) Pond Pump TT9000 gph
  2. Pond Liner: 30 x 50 45ml EPDM pond liner
  3. Flex PVC: 100' of PVC Flex Pipe
  4. Pond Underlayment: 30 x 50 Geotextile Underlayment
  5. Pump Vault: Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Vault
  6. Pond Skimmer: (1000 Aquascape Series Pond Skimmer
  7. (2) Waterfall Spillways: Aquascape Waterfall Spillway
  8. Granite Boulders: 50 ton
  9. Cobble: 15 ton
  10. 1" Gravel: 15 ton
  11. 3 pallets of Arizona Buff Flagstone & tread steppers
Custom Koi Pond

Gregg Sawyer

About the author

Gregg is founder/partner of Sawyer Waterscaping in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He built his first pond in his parent's backyard at age 12 and has had a passion for designing and construction natural waterscapes ever since.

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