November 11


Are You Looking for Creative Waterfall Ideas? Look No further!

By Gregg Sawyer

November 11, 2022

Pondless waterfall ideas are becoming more extravagant every summer. There are different types of waterfalls that you can build and incorporate into your landscaping.  Below we will show you some of our favorite waterfalls!

It's no secret that water features provide soothing and relaxing sounds that help to de-stress.  Whether you’re dealing with stress, or illness, or wish to improve your overall outlook on life, consider adding a pond, waterfall, or fountain to your outdoor living space. Experts agree it can be highly therapeutic!

One of the most popular waterfall ideas is installing a waterfall that cascades into a pond. You can create your own waterfall and pond combination with rocks, plants, water pumps, and other materials. This creates the look of a stream or river running through your backyard and is sure to be an eye-catching focal point in any outdoor living space.

If you want a waterfall without the hassle of creating a pond, then consider building a waterfall without a pond. This type of waterfall works best with larger rocks and is usually made up of two or three tiers that cascade downward in steps. It can easily be added to existing landscaping and looks great when illuminated at night.

No matter which waterfall idea you choose, it's sure to transform your outdoor living space and provide hours of enjoyment. With a waterfall, it’s all up to you – unleash your inner creative genius and make your backyard waterfall dreams come true!  So what are you waiting for? Get started building the waterfall of your dreams

Below, you will find  some of our most popular water features:


Pond-less Waterfalls

When transforming your backyard with a pond or waterfall, it’s best to locate it near a patio or deck so you can enjoy it up close. You’ll also be able to hear the running water from inside the house when you leave the windows open. In the photo below, a small tree had to be transplanted – but the result was worth it.

Homeowners can enjoy a backyard waterfall that gives their backyard the ambiance of a relaxing retreat. So why go on vacation when you have your backyard paradise? Make your dreams come true, and let us show you how!

Pond-less waterfalls provide relaxing sounds without the maintenance of a pond. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for the visual beauty of backyard waterfalls without the extra upkeep. So don’t wait – start planning your backyard oasis today! Your backyard waterfall will be an investment that adds value and enjoyment to your home. Let us help you find the perfect backyard retreat this summer.

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Decorative Fountains

Decorative fountains are great additions to small areas of your landscape. They can be easily hidden behind some plants or tucked away in a corner. The sound of the running water will bring a relaxing atmosphere to any backyard.

Whether you choose spillway bowls, urns, basalt columns, or stone bubblers, backyard fountains will bring a wonderful atmosphere. Start planning your backyard oasis now!

Koi Ponds

Koi ponds provide the ultimate backyard retreat. With the addition of a backyard pond, you can watch these beautiful fish come alive with activity. Adding native plants and colorful koi brings a new beauty to your backyard while providing a serene atmosphere.

Koi are beautiful and elegant animals that bring a sense of tranquility when swimming gracefully in backyard ponds. You may even find that the backyard pond is your favorite spot to relax and enjoy nature. Get started today! Let us show you how backyard waterfalls can create an unforgettable backyard experience. It's time to turn your backyard into an oasis!

Regardless of the type of water feature you choose, backyard waterfalls will transform your backyard into an inviting and tranquil retreat. So why wait? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you create a backyard paradise! Create memories for years to come with backyard waterfalls – the perfect way to relax at home. Let us show you how. Start planning your backyard today with a Free Estimate.

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