November 11


Are You Looking for Pondless Waterfall Ideas? Look No further!

By Gregg Sawyer

November 11, 2022

Pondless waterfall ideas are becoming more extravagant every summer. There are different types of waterfalls that you can build and incorporate into your landscaping.  Below we will show you some of our favorite waterfalls!

It's no secret that water features provide soothing and relaxing sounds that help to de-stress.  Whether you’re dealing with stress, or illness, or wish to improve your overall outlook on life, consider adding a pond, waterfall, or fountain to your outdoor living space. Experts agree it can be highly therapeutic!

Below, you will find  some of our most popular water features:


Pondless Waterfalls

When transforming your backyard with a pond or waterfall, it’s best to locate it near a patio or deck so you can enjoy it up-close. You’ll also be able to hear the running water from inside the house when you leave the windows open. In the photo below, a small tree had to be transplanted – but the end result was worth it.

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Looking for Curb Appeal? Check out this Circle Drive Waterfall!

This project was installed in Hereford Ranch, Cheyenne, WY.  It consisted of a

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